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It’s About Time…
There are many indulgences in life you can do without, a vacation home, another pair of boots, or maybe that third vehicle, but good health should not be considered a luxury, it is a necessity.

Having the best primary care physician in town but being unable to get an appointment is not only an inconvenience, it delays getting you back on the road to recovery and often exasperates the illness or condition.  When it comes to diagnosis and treatment, time is of the essence.

Concierge or membership medicine is the solution for those who are unwilling to compromise the quality of their health care, who want a personal relationship with their primary care physician, and who believe in preventive, proactive focus on long-term health and wellness.  A practice where the doctor works directly and only for you.

The idea behind ConciergeMD Midland is to personalize healthcare once again.  To take patient care where it used to be when physicians were paid directly for the services provided.   Dr. Jeffrey Durgin hopes to make a profound difference in the lives of his patients by providing a level of care beyond that of a “standard” general practitioner, including perks like little to no waiting, easy scheduling of appointments, longer and more thorough examinations, coordination of all medical care, and in some cases, house or office calls.  By limiting the number of patients in his practice, Dr. Durgin can offer patients unhurried appointments and the ability to reach him directly by texts, emails, and will even give patients his personal cell number.

The cost of this higher standard of health care is more affordable than you think.  

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    After 15 years of practice at Family Care Clinic, I am excited to inform you of plans to establish my new concierge medical practice, ConciergeMD Midland.  In my time as the primary care physician at FCC I have been grateful for the relationships that I have established with my loyal and hard-working staff, and most of all my valued patients.  While I am fortunate to have been given the opportunity to nurture honesty, trust and respect within those relationships, my one regret is that our current volume-driven and high-paced practice environment has not allowed me the time during daily encounters to further those relationships.

    In recent years I have become increasingly frustrated with the way in which I have been forced to deliver healthcare.  The quality of care that I have always provided and want to provide is impossible when, in order to stay fiscally solvent, I must see 6-7 patients per hour. Insurance companies have become a wall between the patient and quality care.  As a result, my staff and I are frustrated.  This leads to frustrated and unhappy patients.  Due to the complexity of our current medical system, the trust and respect that used to be at the heart of doctor-patient relationships seems to have faded away.  I do not see light at the end of the tunnel.  I want to do what a physician should do.  I want to create health, not just react to a disease or a condition.  I would like to spend time with my patients and their families and find solutions and not be hurried by my staff to see the next patient and the next and the next.  My goal is to prevent disease, not just react to disease.

    This new model will reflect a move toward a retrospective era of traditional medicine with the patient at its heart, characterized by reduced time in the waiting room, increased amount of physician attention, and more “access” to the physician in the evening and weekend hours via email, cell phone afterhours, and even office or house calls for emergencies.

    In summary, I intend to provide the same quality of care with exceptional service I have always provided but to fewer patients.  In exchange, I will ask the patients pay an annual fee for convenience and personal service.  For those who have insurance plans, we will provide you with the documentation necessary for you to directly receive reimbursement from your insurance carrier.  A lower daily patient volume will allow me the ability to spend more time with each patient, to provide the type of individualized attention that I believe you are looking for an deserve.  Your help in this respect will allow me to turn my focus away from the daily frustrations of practice management, in which I have no formal training, back to where my attention belongs.