What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is a condition where the skin has become lumpy in certain areas on the body. The thighs and buttocks are the most common body parts affected. These lumps forms when fat deposits break passed the connective tissue of the skin, forming unwanted depressions. These depressions can range from a mild “orange-peel” appearance to a severe appearance where deep depressions have formed.
You’ve tried everything to get rid of it, you have dieted, exercised, you tried topical treatments and even tried massage therapy. But still, you have noticed that the older you get, the more of it you see. It’s unattractive. It’s unsightly…and, you should know, it’s not your fault. What directly causes cellulite is unknown, however there are factors that are thought to be linked to these undesired leg markings. The fat cells in women, in the thigh and butt area, are arranged vertically making it easier for fat cells to push through the connective tissue of the skin. The fat cells in men are arranged in a criss-cross formation which is thought to explain why men tend not to generate cellulite. Hormones such as estrogen, thyroid hormones, insulin and other hormones are also linked to it’s creation. Genetic factors such as metabolism, ethnicity, fat distribution, and circulatory levels also play a pivotal role.

Cellulite is NOT JUST a fat problem; even thin, fit women can have it. Aging, hormones, heredity and dramatic weight loss can all play a role in the appearance of cellulite. No matter how many miles you run or calories you count, these factors cannot all be controlled.

But you can control how you treat cellulite.

Medical Spa of Midland offers the following Cellulite Treatments as well as other Thigh and Butt Lift Procedures:

*All medical aesthetic procedures at Medical Spa of Midland are performed under physician supervision for the FDA-cleared purpose.  However, results obtained with this and any treatment can and do vary.

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