Damaged/Discolored Skin

Uneven skin tone is the reason why people look older than they are. The cumulative effects of time, sun, pollution, stress and fatigue can keep your skin from looking as young as you feel.


Fraxel® is able to precisely treat thousands of microscopic areas by penetrating beneath the skin’s surface to purge damaged skin. This treatment stimulates the body’s own natural healing process, which replaces damaged skin cells with fresh, healthy ones, leaving your skin smooth, even-toned, and younger.*

Fraxel RePair® (CO2 Fraxel)

The newest product in the Fraxel family of lasers, Fraxel RePair® treatment is a preemptive strike against a face lift by providing surgery-like results for the most severe skin damage.* The treatment tightens skins and corrects severe damage.   Most people return to routine activities after seven days.

What it treats:

  • wrinkles
  • irregular texture
  • age spots/sun sunspots
  • sun-induced redness


The Refirme® Skin Tightening procedure, through wrinkle reduction, features revolutionary technology that enables you to comfortably achieve a more youthful, tightened and toned appearance without enduring downtime.*

*All medical aesthetic procedures at Medical Spa of Midland are performed under physician supervision for the FDA-cleared purpose.  However, results obtained with this and any treatment can and do vary.

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